Guest Sessions

Sunday, July 30

8:00 am – Delegate and Guest Session
10:00 am – Delegate and Guest Session (repeat)
Conference 101: Your Sneak Peek
Mark Lorimer, Conference Planner, FBINAA

This session offers all attendees with a sneak peek at the sessions, activities and events during the FBINAA Conference, as well as tips on how to best navigate the Conference.  This session is especially helpful for first-timers at the conference and individuals who have not attended in a while.  Bring your questions too.  We have answers.

Monday, July 31


11:30 am – Guest Session
Yoga for Law Enforcement Families: Reducing the Stress of Supporting a Spouse or Parent
Wendy Hummel, Instructor, Yoga for First Responders

Yoga is now being seen in police training systems all over the country and is beneficial for everyone connected to law enforcement and will make you feel good from the inside out.

Join us for a short a fun class where you will learn what First Responders across the county are being taught in their YFFR (Yoga for First Responders) classes and why they keep coming back for more.  During this session, you can expect a brief introduction to YFFR protocol, which includes tactical breath techniques, physical drills and mindfulness exercises that positively affect the nervous system and help turn stress into resilience.  Expect a laid back and fun class while learning some great new tools to incorporate into your everyday life.


2:00 pm – Guest Session
Families First: How to Help Your Loved One Through Tough Times
Dr. Michael Genovese, MD, JD, Chief Medical Advisor, Acadia Healthcare Recovery Division; FBINAA Officers Safety and Wellness Committee
Janelle Cronk, Strategic Accounts, Acadia Healthcare; FBINAA Officers Safety and Wellness Committee

This guest session will help anyone identify signs and symptoms regarding the effects of trauma, depression and the substance abuse that comes with these issues.  This session will enhance opportunities for anyone to address an uncomfortable conversation in a positive and healthy way and to approach someone who they are concerned for or who is in crisis.  Motivational interviewing is the key communication tool that can be used in everyday life, which will help motivate your loved one into understanding that they can make the change.


Tuesday, August 1


11:30 am – Guest Session
All About Quebec City: Europe So Close
Nathalie Nault, Quebec City Convention Centre

As host of the 2018 FBINAA Conference, Quebec City is ready to welcome our members to a unique destination filled with European charm, regal history, French influence and friendly hospitality.  During this session, our personal concierge will share all about this great City and what is in store for your visit in 2018.  Quebec City is truly your chance to experience “Europe so close to home”, so get to this session and start your planning.


1:30 pm – Guest Session
The Strange and Unusual Life of a Law Enforcement Family
Denise Molatch, Certified Trauma Counselor; Former Director of The Life Support Center

This guest session will take an honest look at the often stressful, sometimes humorous home life of law enforcement officers.  God calls men and women to serve in law enforcement.  That calling also extends to the family.  However, marriages and families are often casualties of a law enforcement career.  Recognition of our challenges, uniqueness, and strengths will better enable us to protect our family unit in the face of stress. We will also discuss how officers and spouses can work together to strengthen their spiritual and mental health.  Family is God’s gift to us and is a refuge from the harsh world.  It doesn’t have to be a sacrifice of the law enforcement job.


3:00 pm – Guest Session
ID Shield: Managing and Preventing “IDENTITY THEFT”
Melony Knab, Identity Theft Prevention Specialist, ID Shield

This guest session is designed to educate law enforcement families of the real threat of Identity theft to officers and their loved ones, and offers solutions to help better protect your identity. Bring your story and questions. IDShield & Kroll are the most comprehensive coverage in the market. 

Wednesday, August 2


10:00 am – Guest Session
Defibs Save Lives: The Arrhythmia Alliance Campaign
Trudie Lobban, MBE FRCP (Edin), Founder and CEO, Arrhythmia Alliance

Sudden cardiac arrest strikes 1,000 people per day in the United States – and many do not survive. Starting CPR immediately and then using an automated external defibrillator as quickly as possible can help save a person’s life. Often, the first responders to such an event are local police officers, who are best equipped to deal with such a life-threatening emergency while paramedics arrive.  Arrhythmia Alliance – Defibs Save Lives campaign aims to ensure that every police vehicle has its own AED on board, driven by advocacy and fund-raising. Based in South Carolina, the campaign has already equipped more than 30 cars with this equipment and trained officers in their use – and this year alone a number of lives have been saved.  We now want to engage other police departments across the US in our work to reduce the numbers of lives lost to sudden cardiac arrest.  Arrhythmia Alliance is a leader in this effort and shares the impact and effectiveness of how this critical campaign saves lives.


1:00 pm – Guest Session the Ones You Love
Lacy Wolff, Training Specialist VI, Texas Department of Public Safety Education Training and Research Division
Kristi Allick, S.H.I.E.L.D. Training

This guest session is a tailored made presentation for those who watch officers leave each day and pray for their safe return.   It is designed to show appreciation and love, and will explain how being involved with an officer means being involved with the agency he/she serves. The session will highlight basic awareness of how to assist and communicate with ones we love when times are tough. Often, it’s not the home that is the reason for the conflict, but where it plays out.